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Ama International volunteers

Global Grace

Global Grace is a nonprofit based out of the East Side of Michigan and has been a very supportive partner with Ama International Inc. They help bring sustainability to people in indigenous cultures. We are proud to work with Global Grace in our vision to bring about sustainable change through "teaching a man to fish."

Aquinas College

Ama has been working in collaboration with Aquinas College since early 2020. They support both local and international initiatives in a variety of ways. Ama is thankful for this partnership.

Ama International volunteers

Shared Passions

Ama International Inc believes strongly in collaboration. That is why we openly work with other nonprofits and programs to maximize impact. It is our belief that we are better together and more effective when we support one another.

Immigrant Connection International  

Immigrant Connection is dedicated to building a community of inclusion by providing low-cost legal services to immigrants to secure permanent residency and citizenship. Ama began a partnership with Immigrant Connection in 2021.


Lighthouse Immigrant Advocates (LIA)

Immigrant Advocates announced a strategic partnership to provide educational workshops to the community regarding legal topics like Immigration 101, Know Your Rights, DACA, and Othering. Through this pilot program called, TUS DERECHOS, Ama International and Lighthouse Immigration Advocates (LIA) will offer four (4) one-hour educational workshops to the community at no charge or fee.

Ama International 360 project


My360Project is a nonprofit that provides shoes for children in developing worlds. Ama has brought over 300 pairs of My360Project shoes to Mexico since the partnership began.


Ama continues to partner with them in future projects.

Ama International

Corewell Health

In 2020, Ama began partnering with Corewell Health Healthier Communities to feed the vulnerable families they serve. Since then, SH awarded Ama a grant to continue the good work it's doing in the local community. Ama is also a part of its sustainability program and is a donation recipient for medical supplies and equipment. These items are shared locally and internationally through the Ama Medical arm.

Whitecaps Foundation

Whitecaps Foundation  

The West Michigan Whitecaps Community Foundation is dedicated to offering equitable sports opportunities and experiences for children. The foundation is a light and joy to West Michigan, and Ama International is proud to call this organization a partner and friend.

Student Reach  

StudentReach has been collaborating and partnering with Ama since 2018. They have served together in Baja, California, and Oaxaca, Mexico. StudentReach exists to develop the potential of students through empowerment, coaching, mentoring, and volunteering.

Timmy Global Health  

Timmy Global Health became a partner of Ama in 2020 when they donated approximately 3000 lbs of nutritional supplements to be distributed in Mexico along with other essential needs donations. We are currently working with Timmy on multiple projects.

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Ama International
Whitecap Foundation
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