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Ama International Volunteers



1) What does "ama" stand for? 

Most people assume "ama" is an acronym, but it actually means "love" in Spanish.

2) Do you work in the US or only in Mexico?  

Ama works in both the West Michigan area around Grand Rapids and in Zapopan, Mexico in Guadalajara. We also have some start-up programs running in Southern California and other areas of Mexico as well. 

3) Why Mexico?  

When our team met our partners in Mexico we knew it was the right match to be effective and make a difference. Its proximity to the states is a huge plus in creating impact. Ama was born in Mexico and we continue to grow and cultivate the vision in this beautiful country. Fun fact! Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico is an official Grand Rapids Sister City. A fact we didn't know when we started the partnership but have since enjoyed knowing and sharing.

4) What is the Connection Center?  

The Connection Center is a Community Center Ama built in 2018. All of our stationary literacy classes, job training, educational programs, and entrepreneurship programs are operated there. It is also where we prepare for all of our events outside of the Connection Center. The connection center is like the heart to the body. It's the hub of everything we do and like the heart everything flows from it. 

5) How do you know you can trust the people you work with in Mexico?  

Ama has taken time to form and solidify strong relationships with our partners and our partners with us. Trust is a two way street and we have built and earned trust both ways to ensure that we are doing the right thing and always learning as we grow together. Our partners operate with the same level of commitment and urgency as we do. We are one!

Ama International
Ama International
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