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Ama empowers underserved communities to combat vulnerability and poverty and prevent human trafficking. We prioritize prevention through education, skill-building, innovation, and social enterprises to foster resilience, create jobs, and ensure self-sufficiency for a sustainable future.

Who We Are:

Changemakers who believe in showing unconditional love for all, no matter the distance. Ama International is our non-profit organization based in Grand Rapids, MI, U.S. and Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico.

Ama International


Ama International is dedicated to creating job training, educational opportunities and offering humanitarian relief to underserved individuals, with the overarching objectives of promoting literacy and breaking the cycles of poverty across borders. To achieve these goals, we provide workforce development training, distribute school supplies, medical resources, and periodically organize food pantries for the communities we serve in Michigan and Jalisco. Explore our projects to discover more about our ongoing efforts and how we are actively working towards realizing our objectives.



Our mission is to empower individuals with the necessary resources to improve their lives, fighting poverty and transforming communities through the provision of humanitarian relief and empowering programs. The individuals we serve benefit from innovative, sustainable, and realistic solutions that uplift them towards lasting positive change.


The wonderful gift of donation allows Ama to help those in need. The donations we receive help us fund many amazing activities, such as medical community outreaches, feeding hungry families, and many more.


For more information and to learn how you can help, visit our donations page.

Ama International



With a variety of different items to choose from, you can wear and represent Ama International while making a difference at the same time. Each item purchased directly helps feed hungry families and support the community of Zapopan, Mexico.

Choose your style now!

Connecting People to Opportunity  

Working hand in hand with local leaders, Ama International helps underserved communities create bridges of opportunity, growth, and development with education and humanitarian relief.

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